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Company Profile

Seals SEAL PROOF ENGINEERING is a leading Indian manufacturer of:

1). mechanical shaft seals
2). chemical process pumps

Seal proof has indigenously developed mechanical shaft seals as an export substitute. Seal proof mechanical seals are engineered and designed to exceed the requirements of all the industries served.

The seals have been designed to fit into standard stuffing boxes as well as being manufactured high material specification. It has also been designed to give a degree of interchangeability between various international standard and other mechanical shaft seals manufacturers.

To supply a product is one thing. Advice and support up until the completion of purchase is the least you can expect and as a general rule, is offered automatically. But what happens next?

The range of services offered by seal proof goes far beyond the norm: engineering, solution to the problems in the field of environment law, standardization, application test, after sales service including assembly, commissioning, repair, failure and damage analyses and last not at least. Take advantage of the services offered by seal proof. Let the others get wet - go it alone!

Over years of experience, in 1984 Sealproof engineering has indigenously developed chemical process corrosion resistant pumps in wide range of application. Seal proof pumps are specially engineered and designed to exceed the requirement of all industry. The surest way of conveying, mixing, transferring and propelling without leakage and without maintenance. Modular construction enables the pumps to be tailored to your exact requirement giving plenty of power in reserve. Sealproof make your choice for cleaner, safer future because hazardous media stay where they belong in a closed system circuit. Sealproof pumps are manufactured in quality assurance levels with a comprehensive technical application and after sales service and years of experience give you the security you would expect from a competent partner.

These pumps are provided with injection molded wetted parts as well as super alloys and industrial graded casting and fabrication, and have a robust construction. The material of construction is specially selected depending on the specific application. This ensures the highest corrosion resistance and stability. The shaft sleeve and mechanical shaft seals are selected to suit the service condition, for pumps handling fluids containing suspended particles slurry etc. and for effluent services specially seal with suitable faces are available with proper environment control arrangements. SCP series pumps along with the above functions are ideal for heavy duty application. These pumps have a back pull out design construction for easy maintenance without disturbing the piping and have a special feature of oil bathing body system for a continuous and long life running pumps.

We have a unique history. We have never considered competition seriously. We are always gone about confidently on our own, on the intrinsic strength of our engineering skills backed by state-of-art manufacturing, inspection and testing facilities, to make a name and earn a special position, in our field of endeavour.

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