About Seal Proof


With pleasure we introduce ourselves as one of the leading and eminent manufacturers of:

1). Centrifugal horizontal, vertical, self - priming, and mono-block pumps in various materials like UH. M.W- H.D.P.E., P.P., S.S., Hast alloy - B and C.Alloy 20, Teflon coating, C-I., Graphite and its spares.

2). Mechanical shaft seals in all sealing materials and its components.

We manufacture high precision and critical duty pumps for chemical process industries under the upervision of highly experienced and qualified engineers with up to date technical know - how. The performance of our pumps has been found durable and satisfying by numerous limited and government undertaking companies. We have also been registered as an approved manufacturer by number of consultants and with limited organizations. Due to fast service and reasonable rates our products are widely used in all territories.

We further add our mechanical shaft seal are in the range and specification to those of John Crane, Dura - metallic, Sealol Bug - Mann and Flexibox. The raw material used in their manufacture is of high quality origin. We could also supply mechanical shaft seals as per your drawings or the samples which will give you the opportunity to test our ability and skill.

about seal proof