Boiler Feed Water Seals

Standard Style:

Face Materials:      Carbon/ Ceramic / Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide

Metal Parts:            SS 316, SS 304

Secondary Seal:      Elastomers

Single Acting, Dependent of Direction of Rotation


Boiler feed water Pumps

HSD Pumps

Booster Pumps

Drip Pumps

Condensate Pumps

Fuel Oil Pumps

Seal Characteristics:

Single acting


Inside mounted

Dependent of direction of rotation

Operating Limits:

Shaft Diameter d : 65 ... 150 mm
Pressure p : 50 ... 140 bar (max)
Temperature t : – 20 ... +250O C (API plan 23)
Velocity v : more then 50 m/sec

This is a unique seal developed to meet stringent technical requirements of Boiler feed water pumps.

Rotating mating ring design makes it suitable for high speed application and avoids critical requirments of stuffing box face squareness.

Both the faces are having strong positive drive and locking arrangment which make seal very strong and sturdy.

Thermodynamic circulation grooves inscribed on the rotating faces boost the cooling of the sliding faces by reducing the coefficient of friction and protecting the seal against thermal over loading.

Increased collent flow effected by the pumping screws and the fluid guiding channel combine to force the cold water into the gap between seal ring and mating ring, blowing out gas bubbles and dirt praticles and picking up frictional heat.

In view of risk of dynamic distortion because of high sliding velocity of over 25 m/sec the springs are located in the stationary part.