Boiler Feed Self Priming Pump

Boiler Feed High Head Self Priming Pumps


SEALPROOF engineering has indigenously developed chemical process corrosion resistant pumps in wide range of application. Seal proof pumps are specially engineered and designed to exceed the requirement of all industry. The surest way of conveying, mixing, transferring and propelling without leakage and without maintenance.


Boiler Feeding
Power Plant , Cooling Towers
Edible Castor Oil Circulation Of Lubrication Oils

High Pressure Testing
High Head Delivery Condensate Recovery

Operating Range

Capacity - Q- Up To     20 M3/Hr.
TDH H - Up To             250 Mtr.
Pump Sizes - DN         15 mm To 50 mm
Speed - N -                   1450 rpm at 50Hz and 1750 rpm at 60 Hz
Temperature               90 C
Pressure                       26 bar.

Material of Construction

Cast Iron


Optional Accessories

M.S. Fabricated Base Frame/Flexible Coupling/Coupling Guard/Foundation Bolt.