Magnetic Pump


Seal Proof keeps a very keen eye on Quality control at every stage during the manufacturing of each and every product.

Seal Proof seal less Magnetic Driven Pump :

Seal Proof centrifugal Magnetic pump Comes in PVDF , P.P. & Stainless Steel, is now introduced in response to the process industry's growing concern for the environment, the safety of plant personnel, and the high ongoing cost of mechanical seal maintenance. It is an ideal pump for use in installations handling toxic, noxious, inflammable or corrosive liquids such as NOx or freon gas where leakage to atmosphere cannot be tolerated

Seal less :

Pump age is hermetically sealed in a thick, rugged stainless steel pump casing. magnetically driven, seal less pump- construction assures you of leak freeness. The Pump never soils surroundings, but maintains safe and clean environment.

Drastically saves Maintenance Costs :

Silicon Carbide wet bearings, the core of pump, extensively reduce wear and corrosion, and provide extremely long life ( interchangeable front and rear). It allows customers to hold a minimum number of parts, and spares them many a maintenance work for a long period of time.

Seal - less features make these pumps perfect for environments subject to federal regulations

1. Chemical
2. Pharmaceuticals
3. Textile Processing & Dye Baths
4. Electroplating
5. Various metal Recovery Systems
6. Metal Finishing
7. Colour Photo Processing
8. T. V. Tube Processing
9. Food Processing : Dairies, Soft Drinks, Beverages
10. X-Ray Film
11. I.C. Photo Engraving Process / PCB Plants
12. Refrigeration & Chilling Plants
13. Water Treatment Plants
14. Galvanizing / Anodizing Plating Plants
15. Etching / Spark Erosion Machines & Many More....

Flow :  1 Ltrs/min to 520 Ltrs/min
Head :  1 Mtr. To 26 Mtr.
M.O.C:  GFRPP/ PVDF or S.S.316