Multi Spring


• Directly slip-on type hydraulically balanced seal design
• Revolutionary concepts in design engineering
• Near-universal applicability interchangeability with nearly all conventional seals and gland packings without pump or gland modification
• No seal induced shaft damages saves hidden maintenance costs for shaft/ sleeve repair/renewal
• Lower price than conventional seals because of high degree of standardization
• Uniform installation dimension for all sizes results in ease of handling


• Industrial

• Marine

Application Data of seal type 707

Seal faces:-


Size range:-



Carbon, Stellite, Plasma Sprayed Ceramic, Tungesten Carbide, Silicon Caribide

EPDM , Neoperene ,Viton, TEV, Kalrez

16 to 150mm

35 bar


Application Data of seal type 808

Seal faces


Size range



Carbon, Stellite, Plasma sprayed ceramic, Tungesten carbide, Silicon caribide

Viton®, Neoperene, Kalrez®, EPDM, TEV

108mm to 150mm

35 bar


Multi Spring Mechanical Seal

These are very commonly used Mechanical Seals for clear liquids in most of equipments. Multi-Spring design has many springs put uniform force over the faces hence increase its life. Multi-Spring Seals are unitised, compact, simple & easy to install.

These are Bi-directional Pusher type Mechanical Seals suitable to all type of elastomers. Such Mechanical Seals are available in Un-balance design for low pressure and Balance design for high pressure applications.

These Seals can be designed in Double configuration for toxic, hazardous, costly & volatile liquids. We can offer Double Seals in Back to Back as well as Tandem arrange-ment as per application. Most of components are interchangeable, hence it proves economical and easy to maintain.