Pusher Seals

Pusher Seal

Standard Style:

Face Materials:      Stellite, Carbon, Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Lecrolloy

Metal Parts:            SS 316, SS 304

Secondary Seal:      Elastomers, PTFE


Water Pumps

Circulation Pumps for central heating

Chemical Process Pumps

Sewage and Submersible pumps

Seal Characteristics:

Single acting


Inside mounted

Dependent of direction of rotation

Operating Limits:

Shaft Diameter d1 : 9 ... 100 mm
Pressure p : 10 bar (max)
Temperature t : _20 + 1200 C
Velocity v : 20 m/sec

single conical helical spring, unbalanced seal with '0' ring as secondary sealing member. Various seal face materials and elastomers can be offered for wide service application. As the torque transmission is done by conical helical spring these seals are dependent of the direction of rotation. Direction of rotation is seen from the drive end of the shaft. Clockwise rotating shaft requires right handed spring and anticlockwise rotating shaft requires left-handed spring. For easier fitting, the conical helical spring should be pushed on the shaft with a twisting motion in the sense of the spring unwinding. This movement enlarges the diameter of the spring, enabling easy fitment.