Focus On Quality

To maintain our standards of high quality, we are committed to exceed the quality requirements of our customers which can only be achieved by using top grade materials, exacting manufacturing standards and constant quality measurements. Quality of our products is certified and recognized by our clients. Each product passes stringent quality control tests and procedures. We provide our customers with the exact specifications of materials used in the production of our engineering components. Our prices are well below the prices offered by our competitors for comparable products.

Quality Policy

SEAL PROOF is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement for both customers and employees. The Quality systems at SEAL PROOFmatch some of the best in the Industry and we believe it will significantly contribute to its performance and growth. Our chief responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and measurements, the level of quality at SEAL PROOF not only matches but exceeds our customers' expectations.

We develop organizational excellence and quality awareness through innovative process improvements, training, measurements and development of customer and employee satisfaction programs.

Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world-class products and customer services. For its fulfillment we,

• Manage our company with utmost professionalism
• Update our services with latest technologies
• Maintain the highest degree of professional and personal ethics
• Conduct internal quality audits
• Offer competitive rates and true value for money to our clients

Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured under uncompromising quality controls, based on our many years of experience. We will provide safe and secure, high quality products and services, and to that end our code of conduct says that we will endeavor to make things safely and securely so we can earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Our philosophy regarding quality assurance is that quality and safety come before all else, and to realize true quality assurance we strictly control every stage from planning and development to production, marketing and distribution.

To oversee this, we have established an independent quality assurance department that operates from the viewpoint of our customers and consumers, and we are continuously improving this system.

In addition to having our own quality assurance system, we are proactive in adopting foreign and domestic public standards and have received a variety of certifications and assessments.


One of the imperatives of a long term business relation is 'commitment to quality'...we understand this and as the result have adopted Total Quality Management for our production process. The raw materials are procured from the reputed suppliers and each level of the manufacturing process is monitored. Only after our products are tested against heat, water, chemicals, pressure, leakage etc., do we consider them ready to be delivered.