Thermosyphon Vessel

Thermosyphon Systems

Performance Limits

Capacity : 7.5 Liter
Hyd. Test Pressure : 30 Kg
Working Pressure : 20 Kg
Max. working temp.: 180°C
Heat Transfer area of cooling coil : 0.3m²
Cooling water flow rate

Recommended: 12 Ltrs /min

Max. Level Value : 5.5 Ltrs
Min. Level Value : 3.5 Ltrs

Metal Parts

Thermosyphon Shell : Carbon Steel / SS 316/SS304
Cooling Coil: SS 304 / SS 316>


Pressure Gauge (0- 40 kg/c m²)
For Pressure Measuring of the vessel
Level Gauge For Liquid Level Indicate of the vessel
Hand Pump For recharge of the vessel With additional quantity of barrier fluid when Thermosyphon is under pressure and Liquid level is low.

Connection Size:

Buffer fluid Inlet - A ½" NPT
Buffer fluid Outlet – B ½ NPT
Cooling water Inlet – C ½" NPT
Cooling water Outlet – D ½" NPT
Hand Pump Connection – E – ¼: NPT (Refilling Connection)
Filling Connection – F –1 ¼" NPT
Pressure Gas Connection – G ½" NPT
Pressure Gauge Connection – H 3/8" NPT
Drain – I ½" NPT
Safety Valve Connection – J ½" NPT

Thermosyphon vessels can be used to provide a source of clean, Pressurized barrier fluid to Double mechanical seals in back to back and nonpressurised buffer fluid for tandem seal Arrangement. The Barrier fluid enters the Thermosyphon Vessel, where it is cooled by water circulating through cooling coil to bring down the temperature of barrier fluid and back to the seal chamber. Super Thermosyphon arrangement is very effective.

Note : 1. Thermosyphon of higher pressure can also be designed if required.
          2. Alarm system can be supplied along with Thermosyphon on demand.